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Question 1. Calorific value of pitch creosote mixture (PCM) i.e., C.T.F.-200 is about
  1.    8800 kcal/m³
  2.    8800 kcal/kg
  3.    Same as that of coal middling
  4.    25000 kcal/kg
Answer: Option B

Question 2. Pick the odd man out.
  1.    Briquettes
  2.    Wood
  3.    Oil gas
  4.    Pitch creosote mixture
Answer: Option B

Question 3. Pick out the wrong statement.:
  1.    Carburetted water gas is also called blue gas
  2.    Coals are divided in four species according to their carbon content in Seylor's classification
  3.    Carbonisation time in a by-product coke oven is about 16 hours
  4.    Gross and net calorific value of a fuel is the same, if it does not contain hydrogen or hydrocarbons
Answer: Option A

Question 4. Which of the following is a poisonous fuel gas?
  1.    Coke oven gas
  2.    Blast furnace gas
  3.    Natural gas
  4.    None of these
Answer: Option B

Question 5. Coke oven gas constitutes mainly of
  1.    H₂ & CO
  2.    H₂ & CH₄
  3.    CH₄ & CO
  4.    H₂ & CO₂
Answer: Option B

Question 6. Presence of force moisture in coal is most disadvantageous during its
  1.    Transportation and handling
  2.    Washing
  3.    Pulverisation
  4.    Storage
Answer: Option C