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Question: If Socrates spent exactly eight days in the various cities of Gujarat, then which one of the following cannot be true?
A.He visited exactly two cities in Maharashtra.
B.He visited exactly two cities in Uttar Pradesh
C.He visited exactly two cities in Gujarat.
D.He visited more cities in Uttar Pradesh than in Maharashtra.
Answer: Option C
: C

Socrates spends 8 days in Gujarat which leaves him with 6 days.As per the conditions,he has to visit 6 cities.If he visits exactly two cities in Gujarat,he has to visit 4 cities from the other two cities which requires atleast 8 days and that is not possible.Hence C cannot be true.

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Question 1. Which of the following groups have History as their compulsory subject?
  1.    A, C, D
  2.    B, C, D
  3.    C, D
  4.    A, B, C
Answer: Option D
: D

(d)) Based on the conditions given above. we can draw up a table as follows
Question 2. Which of the following has the same compulsory and optional subjects as F?
  1.    A
  2.    B
  3.    E
  4.    None
Answer: Option D
: D

Option D. None of these.
Question 3. If the pupil chooses C and V for the first day’s routine, which of the following could be the other three exercises chosen?
  1.    A, S, T
  2.    B, D, U
  3.    B, S, U
  4.    S, D,U
Answer: Option D
: D

If C is selected ,then U must be selected.So option A(a)is eliminated.Here, (b) cannot be the correct answer because if B is done then S would be compulsory as per the given conditions.Only D or T can be the fifth exercise. So atleast one among them has to be selected and hence option C is wrong. Option (d) satisfies all the conditions and hence the answer.
Question 4. If Socrates spent three days in the cities of Uttar Pradesh and seven days in the cities of Maharashtra, then which one of the following must be false?
  1.    He visited more cities in Gujarat than in Uttar Pradesh.
  2.    He visited exactly three cities in Maharashtra
  3.    He visited more cities in Maharashtra than in Gujarat.
  4.    He visited exactly two cities in Maharashtra.
Answer: Option D
: D

If he spends 7 days visiting 2 cities, he is left with 7 days and 4 cities to visit; which is not possible
Question 5. If the city of Ahmedabad is in Gujarat and Socrates spent as many days as possible in Ahmedabad and as few days as possible in each of the other cities that he visited, then which one of the following must be true?
  1.    Socrates could not visit any other city in Gujarat.
  2.    Socrates could visit four cities in Uttar Pradesh.
  3.    Socrates could spend six days in Ahmedabad.
  4.    Socrates could not spend more than four days in Maharashtra.
Answer: Option B
: B

Total no. of cities that need to be visited except Ahmedabad = 5. Least possible no. of days of visit to these 5 Cities = 10. Thus, maximum possible no. of days in Ahmedabad = 4. Hence, the possibility is 1 city in Gujarat, 4 in UP and 1 in Maharashtra.
Question 6. Eight books are kept one over the other. Counting from the top the second, fifth and the sixth books are on plays. Two books on plays are kept between two books on compositions. One book of plays is between two books on poetry while the book kept at the top of the book of Literature is a book of composition. Which book is fourth from the top?
  1.    Plays
  2.    Poetry
  3.    Composition
  4.    Literature
Answer: Option C
: C

option (c) BooksCategoryB1PoetryB2PlayB3PoetryB4CompositionB5PlayB6PlayB7CompositionB8Literature

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