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Choose the most appropriate preposition:
The problem ______ housing ______ India is a complex one.

A .  about; in tick.pngcross.png
B .  of; intick.pngcross.png
C .  in; oftick.pngcross.png
D .  for; intick.pngcross.png
E .  None of thesetick.pngcross.png
Answer: Option B

Prepositions are words which are used to show the relationship between two nouns or pronouns in a sentence.
Prepositions are usually placed before the nouns or pronouns they modify.
In the given sentence, the problem is related to housing in India, thus the preposition of is used to indicate the relationship between the two words.
The preposition in is used to indicate the relation between India and housing.
Thus, the most appropriate preposition for the given sentence is of; in.

Hence, option B is the correct answer.

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