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Beneath the surface of conscious and volitional knowledge, however, lies the twin domains of the personal and ‘collective unconscious’ or “a structural layer of the human psyche containing inherited elements, distinct from the personal unconscious”. Socrates is famous for, among other things, recognizing that one knows but knows not that one knows. Such knowledge forms part of the personal unconsciousness and the Socratic method is a traditional way of raising such knowledge to consciousness.________________________
A .  Another is the ‘talk therapy’ of analytic and Freudian psychology.
B .  As to the collective unconscious, it “contains the whole spiritual heritage of mankind’s evolution, born a new in the brain structure of every individual”.
C .  Analytically, access to such collectively unconscious knowledge is through active imagination.
D .  Ambiguity plagues analysis of knowledge due to its biological roots.
E .  Therefore, ultimately, all knowledge is personal & tacit.
Answer: Option A
Option (a) is correct. Taking a cue from ‘the Socratic method’, option (a) discusses the other method that is being taken up as a consequence of the discussion. Option (b) which is close seems like a repetition as collective unconscious has been explained earlier.

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