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Question: At the nodal point in a shaft, the amplitude for torsional vibration will be
Answer: Option C

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Question 1. The displacement of the reciprocating roller follower, when it has contact with the straight flanks of the tangent cam, is given by (where r₁ = Minimum radius of the cam, r₂ = Radius of the roller follower, and θ = Angle turned by the cam from the beginning of the follower displacement)
  1.    (r₁ - r₂) (1 - cosθ)
  2.    (r₁ + r₂) (1 + cosθ)
  3.    (r₁ - r₂) [(1 - cosθ)/cosθ]
  4.    (r₁ + r₂) [(1 - cosθ)/cosθ]
Answer: Option D
Question 2. In a multiple V-belt drive, if one of the belts is broken, then we should replace
  1.    The broken belt only
  2.    All the belts
  3.    The broken belt and the belts on either side of it
  4.    None of the above
Answer: Option B
Question 3. A flywheel is fitted to the crankshaft of an engine having W as the amount of indicated work per revolution and permissible limits of coefficient of fluctuation of energy and speed as CE and CS respectively. The kinetic energy of the flywheel is given by
  1.    2 W CE / CS
  2.    W CE / 2CS
  3.    W CE / CS
  4.    W CS / 2CE
Answer: Option B
Question 4. Under logarithmic decrement, the amplitude of successive vibrations are
  1.    Constant
  2.    In arithmetic progression
  3.    In geometric progression
  4.    In logarithmic progression
Answer: Option C
Question 5. The Bifilar suspension method is used to determine
  1.    Natural frequency of vibration
  2.    Position of balancing weights
  3.    Moment of inertia
  4.    Centripetal acceleration
Answer: Option C
Question 6. The amplitude of vibration is always __________ the radius of the circle.
  1.    Equal to
  2.    Less than
  3.    Greater than
  4.    None of these
Answer: Option A

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