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Vedic Maths
(Fast MathsTricks)

1 DVD , 180 Videos, 10 Hr
Rs. 1499 699 /-
Quantitative Aptitude
(Competitive Maths )

5 DVDs , 800 Videos, 32 Hr
Rs. 2999 1499 /-
Combo Pack
( Quantitative + Vedic )

6 DVDs, 960 Videos, 42 Hr
Rs. 4498 1999 /-
Class VII (Maths)
Video Series

2 DVDs , 370 Videos, 25 Hr
Rs. 1999 1499 /-
Class VIII (Maths)
Video Series

2 DVDs , 420 Videos, 27 Hr
Rs. 2499 1499 /-
(Class VII and Class VIII)

4 DVDs ,790 Videos, 52 Hr
Rs. 4998 2499 /-
Class – IX Maths (CBSE)
3 DVDs , 420 Videos , 27 Hr
Rs. 3499 1999 /-
Class – X Maths (CBSE)
3 DVDs, 450 Videos, 30 Hr
Rs. 3499 1999 /-
(Class IX and Class X)

6 DVDs ,970 Videos, 57 Hr
Rs. 6998 2999 /-
Super Combo Pack CBSE
(Class VII + VIII + IX + X)

10 DVDs
Rs. 11499 4499 /-
All Pack
(Combo pack + Super combo pack CBSE)

17 DVDs
Rs. 15997 5499 /-

3 DVDs , 15 Hr
Rs. 999 799 /-

NOTE: One DVD License will work only on one computer.

Additional License Can be Purchased at Extra 50% cost of the DVD.
Use the below Pay Button (Custom Invoice) to Buy Extra License (without DVD)

Frequently Asked Questions !

Question : Where do i get more details on these DVDs ? like syllabus / Course/ Chapter list etc ?
Answer : Please Visit These pages =>

Question : I am Preparing for Competitive Exams .Will these videos Help me ?
Answer : You are at the right place. These videos are especially made for cracking Competitive Exams. You wont Regret buying this . If you still have doubts then Watch our Testimonials and Youtube Videos Comments HERE

Question : In what order shall i go through these videos ?
Answer : We suggest you to First take the 'Quantitative Aptitude' Course to understand all the Basic Concepts. After that take our 'Vedic Maths Fast Tricks' Course to learn shortcut methods to solve those problems.

Question : How do i buy the DVD Package ?
Answer : Simple, Click the Big "Buy now with PayUmoney" button Above. It will take you to PayUMoney Payment Gateway. You may then Pay through Your Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking . Once paid You will get a receipt in your Email. We will dispatch the DVDs on NEXT working day through SpeedPost, and also email you the Tracking Details.

Question : Can i play these DVD in any VCD Player ?
Answer : NO , To protect the dvds from piracy we have password locked our videos using our anti-piracy software. we provide a password to play the videos based on your Computer's Machine ID (which is unique to each computer). you can only play these videos on Windows computer/laptop . One License will work only on one computer/laptop.

Question : Will my password work if i format my computer or in case of hard disk failure ?
Answer : If you reinstall your operating system then a part of your machine ID will change(but not the complete machine ID) . Just email us your new machine ID and we will send you the new password. But if the complete machine ID is different then we cant provide you new password because that only happens if its completely different computer.

Question : Can i watch the videos any number of Times ?
Answer : YES, once you enter the password for the video ,you can play it any number of times without entering password again.

Question : Will this work on MacBook / Macintosh Operating System ?
Answer : NO, Unfortunately these videos will play only on windows Operating system, But we are working on Providing a solution for other operating systems .

Question : I dont want DVD Package but i want to Watch/Stream all videos online. Is that possible?
Answer : Not At the moment but we are working on it. soon we will launch online version of videos it.

Question : Can i share my DVDS with my Friend ?
Answer : NO, One copy of DVD license will work on only one computer/Laptop . The password we will provide will be unique to your computer so it wont work on your Friend's computer or any other computer .

Question : Can i make a copy of your DVD ?
Answer : No , Unless you are desperate to get into Legal Trouble.

Question : I am a Teacher. Can i teach my students using Your Videos ?
Answer : No, You need a commercial License for that . Please contact us incase you want to use our resources in your Teaching Institude. Unauthorized usage may lead to criminal prosecution.

Question : I found Someone Copying and selling your Videos ?
Answer : Please report it to us . Our Lawyers will take care of that.

Question : My question isnt in this FAQ?
Answer : No Problem. Contact us HERE . We will try to answer all your Queries asap.



2019-01-03 18:41:04

What if DVD is not working after some time due to repeatative use of DVD, then will you provide fresh new DVD with / without payment? Pl let me know.

Alpesh Dhaduk

2018-05-30 18:34:22

DVD i thing old Can. You provide pen drive

Mahavir prasad

2017-03-22 08:20:33

Before 2 months combo pack was 1900 Rs , and price is high , why, discount me , contact 9462410837

Mahavir prasad

2017-03-07 13:49:37

Is R d sharma include ,and any discont


2016-05-30 16:07:04

Hi, I have some few questions regarding the DVD and licensing. 1. Do we need to install additional software to activate and watch the DVD?. 2.Do we need internet connection to activate and watch the DVD?. 3.. Is it possible to play the DVD on multiple computers by paying extra amount for multiple licensing?. Thanks

Math Teacher

2016-04-14 07:08:34

Hello, you are doing great job by making these videos. i am a math teacher myself in Delhi and i find your way of teaching is extremely good and interesting. i wish to use your videos in my own cochin class but dont want any legal trouble. so please tell me how can i do that.

Sourabh Swarnkar

2016-04-06 07:06:40

@gauravKamde Depending on your location usually it take about 4-5 days as we use indiapost but if you need it sooner then we can send via speedpost but it will cost extra

Gaurav kamde

2016-04-05 07:04:48

how much time will it take to get the package is if buy today? i need it within next 2 days .is it possible?


2016-04-01 07:03:20

Dear sir i purchased your videos for my son who is in class 11th. and is he learning very well with your videos. thankyou very much for your videos as they are far better then his tutions

Sourabh Swarnkar

2016-03-12 07:01:34

@Ravi ahuja Thanks for your purchase. we will send the DVD tommorrow before 1 PM and will send you an email with the reciept and the tracking number. Thanks

Ravi Ahuja

2016-03-11 07:00:26

I have just purchased combo pack of quant and vedic Maths. please send it as soon as possible

Sudhir raina

2016-02-20 06:59:26

Your videos are very helpful for exams. Thankyou very much sirji

Ahmed khalifa

2016-02-14 06:58:12

yesterday i recieved your dvd package. i am watching videos and they are very good. thankyou sir for your good teaching method . i m going to appear for IBPS exam soon i hope i will pass.

Sourabh Swarnkar

2015-04-14 06:55:01

@Rohan As mentioned on the FAQ Section . If the operating system is reinstalled most of the time your Machine id wont change at all so your previous password will work fine. But incase it does chagne then only a part of the machine id will change not the complete id. Just email us your new ID and we will provide you your new password to play the videos. The whole machine ID never changes even in case of hard disk crash. that only happens when its a entirely different computer


2015-04-14 06:44:41

Sir, what will happen if i reinstall windows. will the password provided by you still work ? please answer. i want to buy this

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