Reasoning Video Series in Hindi

Comprehensive Video Series for Reasoning Section

Are you preparing for the Competitive exam and seeking an edge in mastering the reasoning section? Look no further than our meticulously crafted video series tailored exclusively for all competitive Exams

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Reasoning Video Series in Hindi

Reasoning Video Series in Hindi Course Syllabus

Reasoning (Hindi) | Total Videos : 55

Video Lecture : Part 1
Video Lecture : Part 2
Video Lecture : Part 3
Video Lecture : Part 4
Video Lecture : Part 5

Video Lecture : Part 1
Video Lecture : Part 2

Video Lecture : Part 1
Video Lecture : Part 2

Video Lecture : Part 1
Video Lecture : Part 2

Video Lecture : Part 1
Video Lecture : Part 2

  • Video Lecture : Figural Classification (Non-Verbal)

Course Summary

Get Better at Solving Puzzles and Questions for Exams with!

Hey there! Are you preparing for exams and want to ace the tricky reasoning part? has something super cool for you! They've got these awesome videos in Hindi that help you understand reasoning stuff better.

Why Pick's Videos?

  1. Soni Sir's Super Teaching: Soni Sir is the cool teacher in these videos. He's really good at explaining things in a way that's easy to understand.

  2. Made for Exams: These videos are like secret weapons for exams! They teach you exactly what you need to know for different exams.

  3. Learn Lots of Stuff: You'll learn about solving puzzles, finding patterns, and other cool tricks that make solving questions super easy.

  4. Understand Everything: Soni Sir explains things really well using stories and examples, so it's easy to get what he's talking about.

  5. Fun and Easy: These videos aren't boring at all! They're fun and simple to understand, even when the topics seem a bit tricky.

  6. Practice and Learn: You can practice what you learn with quizzes and exercises. It's like playing a game and getting better at it!

What's Inside's Videos:

  • Different Topics: You'll learn about lots of cool topics like puzzles, codes, patterns, and more, making you a pro at each one!

  • Quick Tricks: They'll teach you quick tricks so you can solve questions faster. Super useful in exams!

  • Score More Marks: You'll learn how to crack the reasoning part of exams easily, getting more marks.

  • Always Something New: They keep adding new stuff, so you're always learning something fresh and helpful.

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These videos will make you a super pro at solving tricky questions for your exams. is like having a superhero teacher helping you become awesome at reasoning. So, come join in and rock those exams!

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