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Finding Square Roots

Find Square Roots of Perfect square Numbers

part 1

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Fast Trick method to find squares roots of perfect squares (up to 4 digit numbers): Part 1
Example : 1156

The square root of 1156 can be found using the Vedic mathematics method known as the "digit extraction" technique. The steps are as follows:

1. Place a bar over the last two digits of the number (56).
2. Find the largest perfect square that is less than or equal to the number to the left of the bar (11). The largest perfect square less than 11 is 9 (3^2).
3. Subtract the perfect square from the number to the left of the bar (11 - 9 = 2).
4. Write the perfect square root next to the bar (3).
5. Write the digit extracted from step 3 as the next digit of the square root after the bar (35).
6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 until all digits of the original number have been processed.

The square root of 1156 by this method is 34.

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