How Do You Choose Odd Man Out?

In every competitive exam, Odd Man Out type questions are very common. In odd man out problems all the items given in the question except one follow a certain pattern or a group. The item which is different and doesn't belong to that group will be the answer.

How Do You Find Odd Fractions?

  1. Convert all fractions to their lowest terms, so.
  2. 4/6, 16/24, 12/18, 20/30 become.
  3. 2/3, 2/3, 2/3, 2/3.
  4. It means all of them are the same and there in no odd man out!
  5. However, some fraction can be odd because you want one!
  6. 12/18 is odd because it is the only fraction whose numerator is a multiple of 3.

What Is The 18th Odd Number?

Sum of the first 18 Odd Numbers,


Which Set Of Letters Is The Odd One Out?

JLM. Sol. In all the others there are two spaces in the alphabet between the first two letters and no space between the last two, eg AbcDE.

Which Word Does Not Belong With The Others * 1 Point Tulip Rose Bud Daisy?

Tulip, rose, and daisy are all types of flowers. A bud is not.

Who Is Different From Us Mango Banyan Gram?

Gram is the odd one out.

How Do You Find The Odd One In A Letter?

The rule is simple in JLOS, the first two letters i.e. J and L have a gap of one letter, then L and O have 2 letter gaps, and finally followed by a 3 letter gap between the last two letters. GHIM doesn't show this pattern and therefore is the odd one from the group.

How Do You Write The Odd Man Out?

Reasoning - Odd Man Out,

  1. For Example −
  2. Type 1 −
  3. a - Mango.
  4. b - Apple.
  5. c - Potato.
  6. d - Cherry.
  7. e - Blackberry.
  8. Explanation − Except potato, all the rest are the names of the fruits, while Potato is a vegetable. Hence, it is the odd one.

What Is Odd In Hydrogen Sodium Potassium Carbon?

The odd one between hydrogen, sodium, potassium, and carbon is carbon. This is because carbon forms the covalent compounds whereas all other three forms ionic compounds. In ionic compounds, the uniqueness of the atoms is maintained.

What Is The Example Of Odd One Out?


wordssome possible answers
car, aeroplane, truck, bus, trainaeroplane - flies truck - not for passengers train - guided by rails
camera, computer, television, telephone, fax-machinecamera - doesn't need electricity television - 4 syllables
love, hatred, fear, greed, angerlove - positive greed - not an emotion

What Is The Odd Man Out In Computer?

Answer:- joystick , keyboard ,mouse and printer.

Which Word Is The Odd Man Out A Trivial?

The odd man out from these words is ' Important ' , because other three words have the same meaning which is ' of a little or no importance '. Hope this answer helps you.

Who Is The Odd One Out Sunflower Banyan Jowar Bajra?


How Do You Solve Odd Man Out Series?

Odd man out and series

  1. Quick Tips and Tricks.
  2. Series: The terms or elements follow a definite law in series but it cannot be generalized.
  3. 1) Odd number/Even number/Prime numbers.
  4. 2) Perfect squares/Cubes:
  5. 3) Multiple of numbers:
  6. Example: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20…..
  7. 4) Numbers in A.P./G.P.
  8. Geometric progression: x, xr, xr3, xr4

What Is Definition Of Odd Man Out?

Definition of odd man out,

A person who differs from the other members of a group.

Which English Word Is The Odd One Out Riddle?

Letter is the odd one out. Explanation: Letter.

Which City Is The Odd One Out Answer?

Among the cities given Detroit, Berlin, Madrid and London, the odd one out is Detroit. There are many reasons for choosing this option as the odd one out. Firstly all the other cities that are Berlin, Madrid, and London are in Europe whereas Detroit is in America.

Which Word Is The Odd Man Out Trivial Unimportant Important Insignificant?

 The odd man out from these words is ' Important ' , because other three words have the same meaning which is ' of a little or no importance '.

Which Word Is The Odd One Out First Second Third?

Forth because it is incorrectly spelled, it should be fourth.