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Question 1. When two non-parallel or intersecting but coplanar shafts are connected by gears, the arrangement is known as,
  1.     Bevel gearing
  2.     Helical gearing
  3.     Worm gearing
  4.     None of these
Answer: Option A
Question 2. According to i.b.r., the factor of safety of riveted joint should not be less than
  1.     1
  2.     2
  3.     3
  4.     4
Answer: Option D
Question 3. A sliding bearing which can support steady loads without any relative motion between the journal and the bearing, is called
  1.     Hydrostatic lubricated bearing
  2.     Hydrodynamic lubricated bearing
  3.     Boundary lubricated bearing
  4.     Zero film bearing
Answer: Option A
Question 4. The most important dimension in the design of a nut is
  1.     Pitch diameter
  2.     Inside diameter
  3.     Outside diameter
  4.     Height
Answer: Option D
Question 5. In block brakes, the ratio of shoe width to wheel diameter is taken between
  1.     0.1 and 0.25
  2.     0.25 and 0.50
  3.     0.50 and 0.75
  4.     0.75 and 1
Answer: Option B
Question 6. When the fulcrum is in between the load and effort, the lever is said to be of
  1.     First type
  2.     Second type
  3.     Third type
  4.     Any one of these
Answer: Option A
Question 7. In order to remove internal stresses produced by hardening the steel, the process usually adopted is
  1.     Tempering
  2.     Normalizing
  3.     Annealing
  4.     Spheroidizing
Answer: Option A
Question 8. When a bolt is subjected to shock loading, the resilience of the bolt should be considered in order to prevent breakage at the
  1.     Thread
  2.     Middle
  3.     Shank
  4.     Head
Answer: Option A
Question 9. The wear load should be __________ the dynamic load.
  1.     Equal to
  2.     Less than
  3.     Greater than
  4.     None of these
Answer: Option B
Question 10. The bearings of medium series have capacity __________ over the light series.
  1.     10 to 20%
  2.     20 to 30%
  3.     30 to 40%
  4.     40 to 50%
Answer: Option C
Question 11. Lewis equation is applied
  1.     Only to the pinion
  2.     Only to the gear
  3.     To stronger of the pinion or gear
  4.     To weaker of the pinion or gear
Answer: Option D
Question 12. According to i.b.r., the thickness of the boiler shell should not be less than
  1.     4 mm
  2.     5 mm
  3.     6 mm
  4.     7 mm
Answer: Option D
Question 13. When a closely coiled helical spring is subjected to a couple about its axis, the stress induced in the wire material of the spring is
  1.     Bending stress only
  2.     A combination of torsional shear stress and bending
  3.     Direct shear stress only
  4.     A combination of bending stress and direct shear stress
Answer: Option A
Question 14. In case of pressure vessels having closed ends, the fluid pressure induces
  1.     Longitudinal stress
  2.     Shear stress
  3.     Circumferential stress
  4.     None of these
Answer: Option A
Question 15. For maximum power, the velocity of the belt will be
  1.     √(T/m)
  2.     √(T/2m)
  3.     √(T/3m)
  4.     None of these
Answer: Option C
Question 16. A key way lowers
  1.     The strength of the shaft
  2.     The rigidity of the shaft
  3.     Both the strength and rigidity of the shaft
  4.     The ductility of the shaft
Answer: Option C
Question 17. For tight leakage joints, following type of thread is best suited
  1.     Metric
  2.     Buttress
  3.     Square
  4.     NPT (national pipe threads).
Answer: Option D
Question 18. In replacing the v-belts, a complete set of new belts is used instead of replacing a single damaged belt because
  1.     Belts are available in sets
  2.     Only one belt cannot be fitted with other used belts
  3.     The new belt will carry more than its share and result in short life
  4.     New and old belts will cause vibrations
Answer: Option C
Question 19. The resistance to fatigue of a material is measured by
  1.     Elastic limit
  2.     Ultimate tensile strength
  3.     Young's modulus
  4.     Endurance limit
Answer: Option D
Question 20. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  1.     The solid length of a spring is the product of total number of coils and the diameter of the wire
  2.     The spring index is the ratio of mean diameter of the coil to the diameter of the wire
  3.     The spring stiffness is the load required per unit deflection of the spring
  4.     The pitch of the coil is the axial distance between adjacent coils in the compressed state
Answer: Option D