1. There is a leak in the bottom of a cistern. Before the leak, it could be filled in \(3\frac{1}{2}\)  hours, it now takes \(\frac{1}{2}\) hour longer. If the cistern is full, the time taken to empty the cistern would be

A.24 hr.
B.28 hr.
C.32 hr.
D.34 hr.
Answer: Option B

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Question 1.

  1. If two pipes function simultaneously, a reservoir will be filled in 12 hours. One pipe fills the reservoir 10 hours faster than the other. How many hours does the faster pipe take to fill the reservoir?

  1.    10 hr.
  2.    15 hr.
  3.    15 hr.
  4.    20 hr.
Answer: Option D
Question 2.

  1. A tap can fill a cistern in 6 hours, but due to a leakage at the bottom of the cistern, it takes 1  hours more to fill it. If the cistern is full and the tap is turned off, in what time will the leakage empty the cistern?

  1.    30 hr.
  2.    32 hr.
  3.    34 hr.
  4.    36 hr.
Answer: Option A
Question 3.

A pipe can fill a cistern in 12 minutes and another pipe can till it in 15 minutes. But a third pipe can empty it in 6 minutes. The first two pipes are kept open for 5 minutes in the beginning and then the third pipe is also opened. In what time is the cistern emptied?


  1.    35 min.
  2.    40 min.
  3.    45 min.
  4.    50 min.
Answer: Option C
Question 4.

  1. A filler pipe can fill  \(\frac{1}{6}^{th}\)  of a cistem in 10 minutes. In how many minutes, can it fill  \(\frac{5}{8}^{th}\) of the cistern?

  1.    37 min.
  2.    37.5 min
  3.    38 min
  4.    38.5 min.
Answer: Option B
Question 5.

  1. An outlet pipe can empty \(\frac{2}{3}^{rd}\) of a cistern in 12 minutes. In 8 minutes, what part of the cistern will be emptied?

  1.    \(\frac{2}{3}\)
  2.    \(\frac{3}{2}\)
  3.    \(\frac{4}{9}\)
  4.    \(\frac{9}{4}\)
Answer: Option C
Question 6.

  1. Two pipes can separately fill a tank in 20 hours and 30 hours respectively. Both the pipes are opened to fill the tank but when the tank is full, a leak develops in tl1e tank through which one-third of water supplied by both the pipes goes out. What is the total time taken to fill the tank?

  1.    14 hr.
  2.    15 hr.
  3.    16 hr.
  4.    17 hr.
Answer: Option C