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Question: With decrease in particle size to be fluidised by a particular fluid, the operating range of fluidisation velocity
C.Does not change
D.Unpredictable from the data
Answer: Option C

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Question 1. Hydraulic __________ works on the principle of Pascal's law of transmission of fluid pressure.
  1.    Press
  2.    Turbine
  3.    Pump
  4.    Coupling
Answer: Option A
Question 2. Mach number is defined as the ratio of the local flow velocity to the sonic velocity in the fluid. For what value of Mach number, the gases are considered incompressible?
  1.    < 0.3
  2.    > 3
  3.    50
  4.    1
Answer: Option A
Question 3. Enamels and paints are generally __________ fluid.
  1.    Reheopectic
  2.    Pseudo-plastic
  3.    Thixotropic
  4.    Dilatant
Answer: Option B
Question 4. Pick out the correct statement.
  1.    Human blood is a Newtonion fluid
  2.    A Newtonion fluid obeys Newton's law of cooling
  3.    For a non-Newtonion fluid, a straight line passes through the origin in a plot between shear stress and shear gradient
  4.    Thin lubricating oil is an example of a non-Newtonion fluid
Answer: Option B
Question 5. The Prandtl pitot tube measures the
  1.    Velocity at a point in the flow
  2.    Pressure at a point
  3.    Average flow velocity
  4.    Pressure difference in pipe flow
Answer: Option A
Question 6. Major loss in sudden contraction in pipe flow is due to
  1.    Boundary friction
  2.    Flow contraction
  3.    Expansion of flow after sudden contraction
  4.    None of these
Answer: Option B

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