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Question: Why do we need to treat factory wastes before they are allowed to flow into water bodies? How are they treated? What type of reaction is used? [3 MARKS]


: Why: 1 Mark
Treatment process: 1 Mark
Type of reaction: 1 Mark

We need to treatfactory wastes before they are allowed to flow into water bodies because they contain acids. If they are allowed to flow into the water bodies, the acids will kill the fishes and other organisms.

We use bases to neutralizethe factory wastes.
It is a type of neutralization reaction because an acid is treated with a base.

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Question 1. When do we add organic matter to the soil? Why do we do so? Explain. [3 MARKS]

: When: 1 Mark
Why: 1 Mark
Explanation: 1 Mark

We add organicmatter to the soil when the soil is basic.
Organic matter release acids into the soil.The bases which are present get neutralized. We add organic matter because if the soil too basic in nature, the plants do not grow well.
Question 2. Which acid is present in proteins?  [1 MARK]

: Amino acids are present in proteins.
Question 3. Pick the odd one.​ Give reason.​​​​​​  [2 MARKS]

Vinegar, Formic acid, Curd, Calamine

: Correct answer: 1 Mark
Reason: 1 Mark

Vinegar, formic acid and curd are all acidic in anture.
Calamine is the odd one.
It is the only basic substance in the given list. This is the reason why it used as a remedy for ant bites.
Question 4. (a) Ammonia is found in many household products such as window cleaners. What is its nature?  What is the colour change of a litmus paper when it is dipped in ammonia solution? 

Blue litmus paper is dipped in a solution. It remains blue. What is the nature of the solution? Explain. [2 MARKS]

: Each part: 1 Mark

(a) Ammonia turns red litmus blue so it is basic in nature.

(b)If blue litmus paper is dipped in a solution and it would remain blue then the solution may be basic or neutral in character. Blue litmus paper does not change its colour with basic solution and neutral solution.

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