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Question: Who is the third person from the left?
E.Cannot be determined
Answer: Option C
: C

Pravin is the third from the left. Option (C)

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Question 1.  In the year 2006, what is the number of net users who use the net for only miscellaneous work?
  1.    4.5 million
  2.    5 million
  3.    5.5 million
  4.    4.32 million
  5.    4 million
Answer: Option C
: C

(c)The number of people using the net for miscellaneous work is 6.912 – 1.4112 = 5.5 million.
Question 2. What would be the amount received in the year 2006 from the increased number of internet users who use the internet for e-mail and chatting if all the new users bought the PC’s marketed by the ministries in collaboration with the hardware manufacturers?
  1.    Rs. 0.21 million
  2.    Rs. 0.34 million
  3.    Rs. 0.13 million
  4.     Rs 0.5 millione
  5.    Cannot be determined
Answer: Option E
: E

(e) We know the amount of increase in the number of internet users but the number of new internet users who use their internet for e-mail and chatting is not known
Question 3.  What is the number of persons sitting between Martha and Tahir?
  1.    5
  2.    4
  3.    3
  4.    2
  5.    1
Answer: Option D
: D

Only Nithin and Raj are sitting between Martha and Tahir.Option (D)

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