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Question 1. Which of the following best describes the organization of the passage?
  1.    The historical backgrounds of two currently used research methods are chronicled.
  2.    The validity of the data collected by using two different research methods is compared.
  3.    The usefulness of a research method is questioned and then a new method is proposed.
  4.    The use of a research method is described and the limitations of the results obtained are discussed.
Answer: Option D
: D

In the passage, the author hasn’t really talked about two different research methods. So answer options (a) and (b) can be eliminated. Nor has the author proposed any new method. Hence, answer option (c) can also be eliminated. However, if we look at answer option (d), it very precisely conveys the organization of the passage by stating that a research method is described and the limitations of the results obtained are discussed. This is in perfect tandem with the actual organization of the passage. Therefore, answer option (d) clearly stands out as the right answer choice.

Question 2. Choose the grammatically correct option of the underlined part given below. 

If the claims of coastal nations to 200-mile territorial seas were accepted on a worldwide basis, more than thirty per cent of the world's ocean area would come under the jurisdiction of one or other national states.
  1.    One or other national states
  2.    One or another national state
  3.    One or the other national state
  4.    Some or another of the national states
Answer: Option B
: B

One or other - means between first or second that is out of two choices.
One or another - means between multiple choices not restricted to two.

Here we need one or another. So the answer is (b)

Question 3. For years, Mt. Desert Island, particularly its major settlement, Bar Harbor, afforded summer homes for the wealthy. Recently though, Bar Harbor has become a burgeoning arts community as well. But, the best part of the island is the unspoiled forest land known as Acadia National Park ._____________________
  1.    It also lies in a major bird migration lane and is a resting spot for many birds.
  2.    The establishment of Acadia National Park in 1916 means that this natural reserve will be perpetually available to all people, not just the wealthy.
  3.    Visitors to Acadia may receive nature instruction from the park naturalists as well as enjoy camping, hiking, cycling, and boating
  4.    Because the island sits on the boundary line between the temperate and sub-Arctic zones, the island supports the flora and fauna of both zones as well as beach, inland, and alpine plants
Answer: Option D
: D

The given passage talks about Bar Harbor and how it has become an arts community. The paragraph ends by talking about the unspoiled forest land of Acadia National Park. Hence the last line must essentially contain an explanation as to why the national park is unspoiled. This is best expressed only in option (d). Option (a) talks about bird migration which does not end the para effectively. Option (b) talks about the availability of the park to different people which is irrelevant here. Option (c) also goes outside the scope of the passage. There is no talk about how visitors can get instructions in the passage. Hence option (d) is the correct answer.

Question 4. Enter the correct option sequence for the words given in the paragraph below. 

Scraps of tantalizing(A)/gnawing(B) but inconclusive evidence surfaced Tuesday in the fourth day of a tense investigation into the Russian plane that crashed over Egypt's troubled Sinai Peninsula last weekend, killing all 224 aboard. Investigators have not yet officially said whether the plane disintegrated in midair over the Sinai, scattering debris(A)/trash(B) over seven square miles of desert, due to a technical malfunction, act of terror, or another reason. A public quarrel erupted Monday after Metrojet, the small Russian airline vying(A)/scrambling(B) to protect its reputation after the devastating crash, said that external factors were the cause of the plane's disintegration rather than technical issues or pilot error.

The correct sequence is___ .

: The evidence has aroused expectations but is still inconclusive. So it is 'tantalizing'. Gnawing means biting or corroding, which is inappropriate in this context. Trash refers to waste that is produced in daily life. Debris is the right word for the wreckage produced in a crash. The airline will 'hurry' or 'hasten' to protect its reputation after the crash and hence scramble is the right word. Vying means to compete and the company is not competing against someone to protect its reputation.

Question 5. "Multiculturalist relativism” is the notion that there is no such thing as impartial or objective knowledge. The author seems to be grounding his criticism of this notion on:
  1.    the conclusion that relativism leaves one with no clear notions of any one thing that is true.
  2.    the absurdity of claiming that knowledge of oppression is more valid than knowledge of scientific facts.
  3.    the agreement among people of all cultures as to certain undeniable truths- e.g., when the sky is clear, day is warmer than night.
  4.    the fact that "truth” is not finitely definable and therefore that any discussion of impartial or objective truth is moot.
Answer: Option A
: A

Look at these lines in the passage -
“Impartial knowledge, they argue, is not possible, because ideas are simply the expression of individual identity, or of the unspoken but inescapable assumptions that are inscribed in a culture or a language. The problem, however, with this warmed-over Nietzscheanism is that it threatens to leave no ground for anybody to stand on”
These lines clearly point to (a) as the right answer.

Question 6. In paragraph two, the author states that in their "democracy” students in the  multiplicity stage are directionless. The writer describes multiplicity students as being in a "democracy” because
  1.    there are so many different kinds of people in a democracy.
  2.    in an "ideal” democracy, all people are considered equal; by extension, so are their opinions.
  3.    Democrats generally do not have a good sense of direction.
  4.    in a democracy the individual has ultimate authority over himself, not the elders.
Answer: Option B
: B

This is an extension question. Multiplicity students view all opinions as equally valid. They are yet to learn how to rank opinions (truths)— all votes (thoughts) count equally. The answer is (b).