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Question: Which of the following will be unsuitable for dust cleaning from flue gas at 400°C from a pulverised coal fired boiler ?
B.Bag filter
C.Wet scrubber
Answer: Option B

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Question 1. With increase in calorific value of fuels, their adiabatic flame temperatures
  1.    Increase
  2.    Decrease
  3.    Remain unchanged
  4.    May increase or decrease ; depends on the quantity of products of combustion
Answer: Option D
Question 2. Calorific value of tar is about __________ Kcal/kg.
  1.    8800
  2.    12000
  3.    5000
  4.    16000
Answer: Option A
Question 3. Of the total tar present in raw coke oven gas, the tar recovered in primary cooler is about __________ percent.
  1.    5
  2.    25
  3.    55
  4.    75
Answer: Option B
Question 4. Undercharging of coal in the by-product coke ovens results in
  1.    Decrease in the c.v. of coke oven gas
  2.    Increase in its throughput
  3.    Increase in the c.v. of coke oven gas
  4.    No change in the c.v. of coke oven gas
Answer: Option A
Question 5. Stack (chimney) height in a big thermal power plant is dictated by the
  1.    Pollution control aspect
  2.    Draught to be created
  3.    Limitation of constructional facilities
  4.    None of these
Answer: Option B
Question 6. Bunsen burner is an example of a/an __________ burner.
  1.    Inside mixing/premix type
  2.    Outside mixing/diffusion flame/nozzle mix type
  3.    Rotary cup
  4.    Submerged combustion
Answer: Option A

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