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Question: Which of the following right has been removed from fundamental rights and converted to a simple legal right?
A.Right to life and personal liberty
B.Right to property
C.Right to education
D.Right to freedom of religion
Answer: Option B

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Question 1. In which of the following situations Habeas corpus writ is issued?
  1.    Loss of property
  2.    Extra tax receipts
  3.    Faulty police detention
  4.    Violation of freedom of Expression
Answer: Option C
Question 2. Which of the following writ is issued by a higher court to a lower court?
  1.    Habeas Corpus
  2.    Quo-Warranto
  3.    Prohibition
  4.    None of these
Answer: Option C
Question 3. Which Article of the Indian Constitution did Dr. B.R. Ambedkar term as the "Heart and Soul of the Indian Constitution"?
  1.    Article 14
  2.    Article 19
  3.    Article 356
  4.    Article 32
Answer: Option D
Question 4. In which of the following cases the Supreme Court held that fundamental rights are unamendable?
  1.    A.K.Gopalan's case
  2.    Keshavananda Bharti's case
  3.    M.C. Mehta's case
  4.    Golak Nath's case
Answer: Option D
Question 5. Which of the folloWingwrits is called Bulwark of personal freedom?
  1.    Mandamus
  2.    Habeas corpus
  3.    Quo warranto
  4.    Certiorari
Answer: Option B
Question 6. A writ of ____ means that the court orders that the arrested person should be presented before it.
  1.    Habeas Corpus
  2.    Mandamus
  3.    Prohibition
  4.    Quo-Warranto
Answer: Option A

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