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Question: Which of the following is a magnetic substance?
Answer: Option D
: D

Materials which gets attracted to a magnet are called magnetic substances. Materials which don't get attracted to a magnet are called non-magnetic substances. Glass, wood and chinaware are not attracted to magnets, so, they are non - magnetic materials. Nickel is attracted to a magnet, hence, it is a magnetic material.

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Question 1. ____________is a device used by navigators to find the direction.
  1.    Protractor
  2.    Thermometer
  3.    Magnetic compass 
  4.    Anemometer
Answer: Option C
: C

A magnetic compass is a tool used for navigation. A magnetic compass aligns in North-Southdirection. This is because Earth behaves like a huge magnet and the poles of the Earth behave like poles of a huge bar magnet. As such, a freely suspending magnet gets attracted to the opposite poles and rotates in the direction of attraction. This direction is the North-South direction.
Question 2. Magnets can repel magnetic materials.
  1.    True
  2.    False
  3.    Plastic comb
  4.    Iron nail
Answer: Option B
: B

Magnetic materials like cobalt, nickel and iron are always attracted by magnets. Magnets cannot repel them, as magnets can only repel other magnets because they have poles, and like poles repel each other.
Question 3. When the South pole of a bar magnet is brought near the North pole of a ring magnet, they will _____  each other.
  1.    attract
  2.    repel
  3.    reflect
  4.    refract
Answer: Option A
: A

Every magnet has two poles i.e North pole and South pole. Unlike poles of magnets attract and like poles of magnets repel each other. So, when the South pole of a bar magnet is brought near the North pole of a ring magnet, they will attract each other.
Question 4. In an electric bell, striker is attracted by a/an__________.
  1.    bar magnet
  2.    cylindrical magnet
  3.    electromagnet
  4.    horseshoe magnet
Answer: Option C
: C

An electromagnet is a type of magnet in which the magnetic field is generated with the help of an electric current. Magnetic materials can behave like electromagnets if a current is passed through a coil around them. It is a temporary magnet, i.e. it loses its magnetic properties as soon as the current flow is stopped. Electric bell has an electromagnet in it which attracts the striker.
Question 5. Which among the following material cannot be used to make a magnet?
  1.    Cobalt 
  2.    Iron 
  3.    Copper
  4.    Steel 
Answer: Option C
: C

Magnetic materials are those materials which are attracted toa magnet. Magnetic materials areused to makepermanent magnets. Copper is not a magnetic material. When placed near a magnet, copperis not attracted tothe magnet. Hence, copper cannot be used to make a magnet.

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