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Question: Which of the following is true for the angles shown below?
Answer: Option A
: A

The larger is the angle, the more is the steepness of the slope.
In the given figures, the triangle with angle a has a steeper slope as compared to the triangle with angle b.

Hence, angle a is greater than angle b.

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Question 1. Which of the following angles is not less than a straight angle?
  1.    Acute angle
  2.    Obtuse angle
  3.    Right angle
  4.    Reflex angle
Answer: Option D
: D

A Straight angle = 180
An Acute angle is less than90
An obtuse angle is more than 90but less than180
A Right angle = 90
Reflex angle is the only angle which is greater than 180 and less than 360
Question 2.  A triangle with one obtuse angle is called a/an: 
  1.    Isosceles triangle
  2.    Acute angled triangle
  3.    Obtuse angled triangle
  4.    Right angled triangle
Answer: Option C
: C

A triangle having one of its angles as an obtuse angle is called an Obtuse angled triangle.
In the given triangle,ABC is an obtuse angle.
Question 3. Which of the following statements best describes two parallel lines

  1.    They meet exactly at one point.
  2.    Lines having a uniform distance between them and never meet each other.
  3.    They meet exactly at 2 points.
  4.    They form a right angle.
Answer: Option B
: B

Parallel lines are lines having a uniform distance between them (equidistant) and this distance is constant throughout and never meet each other.

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