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Question: Which of the following is not a way of turning yarn into fabric?
Answer: Option C
: C

The process of making yarn from fibres is known as spinning. It is the process of twisting fibrestogether to form yarn.

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Question 1. The process of removing cotton seeds from cotton pods is known as _______.
  1.    spinning
  2.    ginning
  3.    knitting
  4.    weaving
Answer: Option B
: B

Ginning is the process of removing coitton seeds from cotton pods. The image shown below depicts the process of ginning.
Question 2. Identify this traditional device used for spinning yarn from wool and cotton.

  1.    Charka
  2.    Handloom
  3.    Powerloom
  4.    Takli
Answer: Option D
: D

Takli is a simple stick with a disc like attachment to prevent the spun thread from slipping. It is usually made from wood.

In English, the takli is called the spindle. It is used for spinning, twisting fibres such as wool, cotton and hemp to make yarn.
Question 3. Natural fibres are obtained from:
  1.    plants and animals
  2.    chemicals and plants
  3.    chemicals and animals
  4.    petroleum products
Answer: Option A
: A

Natural fibres are obtained from plants and animals. For example, cotton is obtained from the seeds of cotton plant, wool is obtained from the hair of animals like yak, sheep, etc.

Synthetic fibres are obtained from different chemicals and petroleum products. For example, nylon, terylene, etc.

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