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Question: Which of the following is a monomer of natural rubber?
Answer: Option B
: B

Isoprene isthe monomer of natural rubber.

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Question 1. The monomeric units of terylene are glycol and which of the following?

: D

Question 2. Which of the following is not produced by condensation polymerisation?
  1.    Buna-S
  2.    Dacron
  3.    Novolac
  4.    Nylon 6
Answer: Option A
: A

Buna-S is produced by the addition polymerisation of 1,3-butadiene and Styrene.
Question 3. Which of the following polymer is an example of fibre?
  1.    Silk
  2.    Dacron
  3.    Nylon-6, 6
  4.    All of these
Answer: Option D
: D

Silk is a protein fibre. Dacron is a polyester fibre and Nylon-6,6 is a polyamide fibre.
Question 4. Which of the following statements is correct regarding the drawbacks of raw rubber?
  1.    It is not elastic in nature
  2.    It has high durability
  3.    It doesn’t absorb water
  4.    All of these
Answer: Option A
: A

The raw rubber is not elasticwhen found innature. It becomes soft at high temperature. It has little durability and it has large water absorption capacity.
Question 5. Which of the following is used in vulcanization of rubber?
  1.    SF6
  2.    CF4
  3.    Cl2F2
  4.    C2F2
Answer: Option A
: A

SF6 is used in the vulcanisation of rubber. Sulphur is heated with rubber to introducecross-linking and thusform a tougher form of rubber.

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