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Question: Which award was won by Singh is Kinng?
A. Comedy
B.Scintillating music
C.Fresh Movie
D.Cannot be determined
Answer: Option D
: D

Cannot be Determined Option (d)

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Question 1. Which movie was ranked 2nd in Fresh Movie Category? 
  1.    Singh is Kinng
  2.    Jodhaa Akbar
  3.    Bachna Ae Haseeno
  4.    None of These
Answer: Option A
: A

Option a
Question 2. Which amongst the following groups is most dissimilar to P1?
  1.    P2
  2.    P3
  3.    P4
  4.    P5
Answer: Option B
: B

Option (b)P3 (Maximum difference of 4)
Question 3. In how many categories was Bachna Ae Haseeno ranked higher than Singh is Kinng?
  1.    1
  2.    2
  3.    3
  4.    More than 3
Answer: Option B
: B

Option b

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