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Question: What is the ‘Overall Score’ of the Congressman/ Congressmen who stood first in the test? 
D.Cannot be determined
Answer: Option A
: A

Option A is the correct answer.

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Question 1. Which of the following teams was the runner-up in the tournament?
  1.    England
  2.    Bangladesh
  3.    India
  4.    None of these
Answer: Option B
: B

Team with 20,17,12,9 points are India , South Africa, England and Bangladesh respectively. After the second round, India has 12 points, SA has 2 points, England has 6 points and Bangladesh has 7. Given that Team4 has 3 draws. Therefore it has 6 points after the second round. Hence this team is England. Rest all teams have 1 draw in account which is against England. Its given that Team 1 has 0 win and Team 3 has 1 loss. Therefore only Team 2 has the possiblity of securing 12 points. Hence team 2 is India. Team 1 has 0 win and 1 draw. Maximum possible points for this team is 2. Hence this team is SA. WDLPointsTeamTeam10122SouthAfricaTeam221012IndiaTeam31117BangladeshTeam40306England
Question 2. After the withdrawal of bugs, as indicated in the previous question, some new bugs are discovered. Each of them belongs to only one solution in a manner such that the number of bugs found in each of the three solutions become identical.So, the minimum number of bugs which were discovered is equal to:
  1.    3
  2.    6
  3.    9
  4.    None of these
Answer: Option A
: A

The number of bugs involved in the three solutions, after withdrawal are 20, 19 and 21. These numbers being consecutive can be made equal by adding a minimum of 3 new bugs.
Question 3. Which team was ranked third in Group A after the first round?
  1.    Australia
  2.    England
  3.    South Africa
  4.    New Zealand
Answer: Option D
: D

Teams in Group A has following points, 17,12,11,7,0 in some order. Initially its given that West Indies won 0 games. So if WI drew all the matches, it would end up with 8 points (4 draw). Other possibilities are, DLPoints316224132040 So we have only one matching value ie 0 points. WDLPointsAustralia1127England21112SouthAfrica31017WestIndies0040NewZealand13011 Hence answer option D
Question 4. With reference to the above question, which of the following statements are definitely false?
  1.    Elevate has more than 20 bugs
  2.    Edusoft has one bug more than Elevate
  3.    Financo has 2 bugs less than Elevate
  4.    None of these
Answer: Option D
: D

Let the number of bugs in Edusoft, Elevate and Financo solution alone be a, b and c respectively. Number of bugs in all the solution = x and number of bugs in Edusoft and Elevate solutions alone be d, Elevate and Financo solutions alone be g and Number of bugs in Edusoft and Financo solutions alone e.
Acc to passage,
C = 2x............eq(i)
a=3x -4...........eq(ii)
It is given that Total number of bugs in Edusoft solution is 24,
3x -4+x+d+e = 24.......eq(iv)
4x +d+e=28
d:e:f=1:2:3 (in some order)
From last time of the passage
3x - 4 =14
x =6This implies d + e = 4, d =1 or 3 or e =1 or 3

Total number of bugs = 14+12+10+6+2+(d+e)
= 48

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