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Question: What estimate would you give for the variance in above problem ?
Answer: Option A

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Question 1. Mobilization advance up to 10% of the cost of work is given to a contractor
  1.    On commencement of work at site for payment of loan taken by him
  2.    For the purchase of construction materials
  3.    For the payment of advances to labour and other staff
  4.    For all activities required to start the work at site on finalization of the contract document
Answer: Option D
Question 2. Which of the following is not a PERT event?
  1.    Site investigation started
  2.    Sessional work completed
  3.    Bus starts from Jaipur
  4.    Class is being attended
Answer: Option D
Question 3. During the construction period, price variation clause in contracts caters to
  1.    Increase in rates of only important materials
  2.    Variation in cost in materials element, labour element and petrol-oil-lubricant element
  3.    Variation in total cost of the project on an ad hoc basis
  4.    Rate of inflation
Answer: Option B
Question 4. In India, are prefabricated components costlier than those of traditional cast-in-situ items that the prefabricated components replace?
  1.    Yes, because of heavier overheads and handling cost
  2.    Yes, because of the very high order of quality control for the factory made components
  3.    No, because of repetitive manufacture of a number of elements
  4.    No, because of savings in site labour
Answer: Option C
Question 5. PERT technique of network analysis is mainly useful for
  1.    Small projects
  2.    Large and complex projects
  3.    Research and development projects
  4.    Deterministic activities
Answer: Option C
Question 6. A CPM family includes
  1.    CPA (Critical Path Analysis)
  2.    CPP (Critical Path Plotted)
  3.    MCE (Minimum Cost Expenditure)
  4.    All the above
Answer: Option D

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