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Question 1. Research octane number refers to the
  1.    Low octane number motor fuels
  2.    High octane number motor fuels
  3.    High octane number aviation fuels
  4.    Unleaded motor fuels
Answer: Option D

Question 2. Choose the correct statement.
  1.    Octane number of i-octane is zero
  2.    Octane number of paraffins increases with increasing number of carbon atoms
  3.    Branched chain paraffins have higher octane number than straight chain paraffins with same number of carbon atoms
  4.    The aromatics have lower octane number than naphthenes with same number of carbon atoms
Answer: Option C

Question 3. Choose the correct statement.
  1.    Coking tendency increases with increasing molecular weight
  2.    Coking tendency decreases with increasing molecular weight
  3.    Higher pressure enhances coke formation
  4.    Coking is an exothermic reaction
Answer: Option A

Question 4. Road grade bitumen is produced from vacuum residue by its
  1.    Aeration
  2.    Pyrolysis
  3.    Hydrogenation
  4.    Steam reforming
Answer: Option D

Question 5. Petroleum coke is commercially produced by the __________ process.
  1.    Hydrocracking
  2.    Visbreaking
  3.    Fluid catalytic cracking
  4.    Delayed coking
Answer: Option D

Question 6. Paraffins are desirable in lubricating oil, as it has got high
  1.    Viscosity
  2.    Viscosity index
  3.    Smoke point
  4.    Pour point
Answer: Option C