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Question 1. High waves from the sea or ocean caused by an under water earthquake is called:
  1.    Hurricane
  2.    Cyclone    
  3.    Tsunami    
  4.    Volcano
Answer: Option C
: C

Tsunami waves are caused by disturbance under the sea or ocean bed.

Question 2. A ____ is a large body with salt water.
  1.    salt lake
  2.    river    
  3.    lake    
  4.    pond
Answer: Option A
: A

Salt lakes like the Dead Sea are quite large bodies with high amount of salt.

Question 3. In the image given below, kids are extracting water from the _____.

  1.    tap
  2.    well
  3.    canal
  4.    hand pump
Answer: Option B
: B

The image shows that kids are extracting water from a well using a rope and a vessel. Wells are generally the main source of freshwater in villages.

Question 4. _____ water is taken out using pumps and wells.
  1.    Underground
  2.    Surface    
  3.    Sea    
  4.    River
Answer: Option A
: A

Water that seeps through rocks and soil gets collected in underground reservoirs. This water is then pumped out or collected from wells for everyday use.

Question 5. Salt disappears into air when we mix it into water.
  1.    True 
  2.    False
Answer: Option B
: B

Salt granules break down into tiny particles that is not visible to the naked eye. This process is known as dissolving.

Question 6. A camel's natural habitat is the desert. They get water from ___ to survive in the extreme conditions.
  1.    Oceans
  2.    Sea
  3.    Oasis
  4.    Glaciers
Answer: Option C
: C

Oasis are found in deserts, which are ponds formed after rainfall. It leads to greenery and life around the area.