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Question 1. _________ is the most inhuman of social crimes.
  1.    Rape
  2.    Kidnap
  3.    Dowry death
  4.    Robbery
Answer: Option C

Question 2. Which of the following is the most responsible for world water crisis?
  1.    Dams
  2.    Floods
  3.    Drought
  4.    Population growth
Answer: Option C

Question 3. An important reason for the large daily temperature range over deserts is:
  1.    There is little water vapor in the air to absorb and re-radiate infrared radiation
  2.    The light-colored sand radiates heat very rapidly at night
  3.    Dry air is a very poor heat conductor
  4.    Free convection cells are unable to form above the hot desert ground
  5.    The ozone content of desert air is very low
Answer: Option A

Question 4. Which of the following is an extinct species?
  1.    Tiger
  2.    Lion
  3.    Dodo
  4.    Ostrich
Answer: Option C

Question 5. The processes of condensation and freezing:
  1.    Both release sensible heat into the environment
  2.    Both absorb sensible heat from the environment
  3.    Do not affect the temperature of their surroundings
  4.    Do not involve energy transport
Answer: Option A

Question 6. The formula for exponential population growth is
  1.    dN/dt = rN
  2.    dt/dN = rN
  3.    dN/rN = dt
  4.    rN/dN = dt
Answer: Option A