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Question 1. They are waiting for her since morning.
  1.    were waiting
  2.    have been waiting
  3.    wait
  4.    No improvement
Answer: Option B

Question 2. He sent a word to me that he would be coming late.
  1.    sent words
  2.    has sent a word
  3.    sent word
  4.    No improvement
Answer: Option D

Question 3. When Shankar came home after a hard day in the office he found his wife had slept.
  1.    was sleeping
  2.    sleeping
  3.    has been sleeping
  4.    No improvement
Answer: Option B

Question 4. As John dived off the spring board, he was horrified to see that the water was drained from the pool the night before.
  1.    was drained away
  2.    was drained
  3.    had been drained off
  4.    No improvement
Answer: Option C

Question 5. Because of the patient's ill health, losing weight was advised him by the doctor.
  1.    lose weight was what the doctor advised
  2.    to lose weight was advised to him by the doctor
  3.    he was advised by the doctor to lose weight
  4.    No correction required
Answer: Option D

Question 6. May I know who did accompany you to the bus station?
  1.    whom did accompany you
  2.    whom you accompanying
  3.    whom did you accompany
  4.    who accompanied you
  5.    No correction required
Answer: Option D