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Question: The torque converter uses ________ to transfer torque.
A. Air
B. Automatic transmission fluid (ATF)
C. Gears
D. Steel belt
Answer: Option B
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Question 1. The sequence order of events in a four stroke engine is
  1.     Suction exhaust power compression
  2.     Suction power compression exhaust
  3.     Suction compression power exhaust
  4.     Exhaust compression power suction
Answer: Option C
Explanation :
Question 2. When turning a corner
  1.     The front wheels are toeing out
  2.     The front wheels are turning on different angles
  3.     The inside front wheels has a greater angle than the outside wheel
  4.     All of the above
Answer: Option D
Explanation :
Question 3. Tachometer in a vehicle measures
  1.     Speed
  2.     Distance
  3.     Engine r.p.m.
  4.     Fuel consumption
Answer: Option C
Explanation :
Question 4. The basic function of the suspension is to
  1.     Absorbs vibration and impact forces from the road surface
  2.     Ensure that the steering wheel can deliver a suitable amount of steering force
  3.     Ensure that wheel alignment is not disturbed during driving
  4.     Automatically correct the effects of over steering
Answer: Option A
Explanation :
Question 5. In a four speed four stroke diesel engine, the intake valve
  1.     Opens at T.D.C. and closes at B.D.C.
  2.     Opens at 20° before T.D.C. and closes at 35° after B.D.C.
  3.     Opens at 10° after T.D.C. and closes at 20° before B.D.C.
  4.     None of the above
Answer: Option B
Explanation :
Question 6. The forced fed lubrication system means that the oil is delivered to the engine by
  1.     Gravity
  2.     The pressure created by the oil pump
  3.     Splashing action of the crankshaft
  4.     None of these
Answer: Option B
Explanation :

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