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Question: The salaries and allowances payable to the Members of the Parliament are decided by the-
D.Finance Commission
Answer: Option C

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Question 1. How many members of Anglo-Indian community can be nominated for the Parliament by the President-
  1.    2
  2.    4
  3.    8
  4.    Depends on President's will
Answer: Option A
Question 2. Who is competent to dissolve the Rajya Sabha?
  1.    The Chairman of Rajya Sabha
  2.    The President
  3.    The Joint-session of Parliament
  4.    None of these
Answer: Option D
Question 3. What is the total number of members in Rajya Sabha from States and Union Territories?
  1.    6
  2.    10
  3.    12
  4.    15
Answer: Option C
Question 4. What is the name of Upper house of Indian Parliament?
  1.    Senate
  2.    Rajya Sabha
  3.    House of Lords
  4.    Legislative Assembly
Answer: Option B
Question 5. Lok Sabha is the House of the________ Parliament of India-
  1.    Lower
  2.    Upper
  3.    Left
  4.    Right
Answer: Option A
Question 6. Who is the custodian of Consolidated Fund of India-
  1.    Executive
  2.    Judiciary
  3.    Legislature
  4.    Civil officers
Answer: Option C

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