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Question: The Pyrenees mountains are located on the border between ____ and ____
A.Romania, Bulgaria
B.Norway, Sweden
C.Hungary, Romania
D.France, Spain
Answer: Option D

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Question 1. The process of evaporation of water in nature is one of the basic components of the hydrological cycle. The other process that is considered to be essential for the completion of hydrological cycle is the
  1.    flow tide and ebb tide in a river
  2.    movement of water vapour in the atmosphere
  3.    flow of water in the sea
  4.    movement of water in the water table
Answer: Option B
Question 2. The process that explains the recent changes in the height of sea level in coastal areas of eastern and northern Canada and Scandinavia is
  1.    isostasy
  2.    continental drift
  3.    plate tectonics
  4.    None of the above
Answer: Option A
Question 3. The ocean water is saline due to
  1.    evaporation of its surface
  2.    volume of fresh water added by rainfall
  3.    salts are already present in sea water
  4.    both (a) and (b)
Answer: Option D
Question 4. The original founders of Common wealth of Independent States, in December 1991, are
  1.    Tadjikistan, Khirghizia and Turkemenistan
  2.    Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan
  3.    Russia, Ukraine and Byelorus
  4.    Moldavia, Khazakhastan and Uzbekistan
Answer: Option C
Question 5. The progressive wave theory regarding of tides was put forth by
  1.    R.A. Harris
  2.    Issac Newton
  3.    William Whewell
  4.    G.B. Airy
Answer: Option C
Question 6. The percentage of sun's radiation reflected back into space is about
  1.    36 percent
  2.    47 percent
  3.    17 percent
  4.    None of the above
Answer: Option A

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