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Question: The number of complete calendar months, discounting any partial months, for which Mr Raveendran avails the A tier membership is?
Answer: Option C
: C

He gets an upgrade in the month of March, hence complete months avaliable are from Apl to december- which is 9 months.

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Question 1. How many questions had an answer choice either 1 or 2?
  1.    4
  2.    2
  3.    6
  4.    None of These
Answer: Option C
: C

Using the answer key we see that three questions have answer option as 1 and three as answer option 2.Thus 6 questions have answer option 1 or 2. Option c
Question 2. The difference in complete calendar months, discounting any partial months, between
first tier upgrade and the last tier upgrade for Mr Raveendran is:
  1.    7
  2.    8
  3.    9
  4.    10
  5.    11
Answer: Option B
: B

First tier upgrade takes place in February while last one is in November. Total number of full months = 8.
Question 3. Which professor gave the correct answer key?
  1.    Champak
  2.    Imtiyaaz
  3.    Eklavya
  4.    Jagdeep
Answer: Option C
: C

Eklavya answered all the ten questions correctly thus he got the correct answer key. Thus option c
Question 4. How many of the ten professors marked correct answer choice for Q1?
  1.    1
  2.    4 
  3.    5 
  4.    Cannot be determined 
Answer: Option C
: C

Answer option for Q1 is c. Only 5 people marked this answer. Thus option c

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