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Question: The new strain of bacteria produced by biotechnology in alcohol industry is
A.Escherichia coli
B.Saccharomyces cerevisiae
C.Bacillus subtilis
D.Pseudomonas putida
Answer: Option D

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Question 1. Molasses a by-product in the manufacture of sugar, is converted into
  1.    Alcohol
  2.    Paper
  3.    Fuel
  4.    Pulp
Answer: Option A
Question 2. Denatured spirit is ethanol mixed with
  1.    Petrol
  2.    Kerosene
  3.    Water
  4.    Pyridine
Answer: Option D
Question 3. Rectified spirit is :
  1.    95% ethyl alcohol
  2.    100% ethyl alcohol
  3.    Methylated spirit
  4.    Tincture iodine
Answer: Option A
Question 4. Alcohol prepared by the distillation of wood is :
  1.    Propyl alcohol
  2.    Methyl alcohol
  3.    Ethyl alcohol
  4.    Glycerol
Answer: Option B
Question 5. Ethanol containing 5% water is known as
  1.    Rectified spirit
  2.    Denatured spirit
  3.    Methylated alcohol
  4.    Power alcohol
Answer: Option A
Question 6. The Fungus which is used in the alcohol industry is
  1.    Mushroom
  2.    Candida Aibicans
  3.    Yeast
  4.    Rhizopus
Answer: Option C

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