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Question: The name of the Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi islands was changed to Lakshadweep by an Act of Parliament in
Answer: Option D

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Question 1. The members of the Rajya Sabha are elected by
  1.    the people
  2.    Lok Sabha
  3.    elected members of the legislative assembly
  4.    elected members of the legislative council
Answer: Option C
Question 2. The members of the panchayat are
  1.    nominated by the district officer
  2.    the electorates of the respective territorial constituencies
  3.    nominated by local self-government minister of the state
  4.    nominated by the block development organization
Answer: Option B
Question 3. The power to decide an election petition is vested in the
  1.    Parliament
  2.    Supreme Court
  3.    High courts
  4.    Election Commission
Answer: Option C
Question 4. The Parliament of India cannot be regarded as a sovereign body because
  1.    it can legislate only on subjects entrusted to the Centre by the Constitution
  2.    it has to operate within the limits prescribed by the Constitution
  3.    the Supreme Court can declare laws passed by parliament as unconstitutional if they contravene the provisions of the Constitution
  4.    All of the above
Answer: Option D
Question 5. Who was the first Speaker of Lok Sabha?
  1.    Mavlankar
  2.    Hukum Singh
  3.    B.D. Jatti
  4.    V.V. Giri
Answer: Option A
Question 6. Participatory Notes are associated with:
  1.    Consolidated Fund of India
  2.    Foreign Institutional Investors
  3.    United Nations Development Programme
  4.    Kyoto Protocol
Answer: Option B

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