Question: The most commonly used selection marker is ampicillin resistance gene.
C.i- q,ii-r,iii-s,iv-p
Answer: Option A
: A

Ampicillin resistance gene is the most commonly used selection marker. When the plasmid containing this marker is transformed, it gives cells the ability to thrive in media containing ampicillin. The non-transformed cells die due to the presence of antibiotic.

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Question 1. Bioreactors have a maximum capacity of _________
  1.    1000 litres
  2.    10 litres
  3.    100 litres
  4.    1 million litres
Answer: Option A
: A

Bioreactors are used to produce a large number of the transgenic organism. The size and capacity of bioreactors can be different. However, 1000 litres is usually the maximum capacity of a bioreactor used in any biotechnology industry. Beyond that, it can be slightly complicated to control the growth and extraction of product.
Question 2. A graduate student working on a project is attempting to isolate a gene from yeast. He identifies the restriction sites to cut the gene of interest out. But after several attempts, fails to do so. What could be the possible reason for the failure?
  1.    Yeast genome is too complex containing overlapping genes
  2.    Restriction enzyme used has recognition sites in the gene
  3.    The gene of interest is too big to isolate
  4.    The gene of interest in yeast is methylated
Answer: Option B
: B

When you choose a restriction enzyme for isolating the gene of interest, you need to ensure that the enzyme should not have a restriction site in the middle of the gene. This way, the whole gene can be obtained and later used in further processes. In this case, the gene probably had a restriction site within its sequence for the restriction enzyme used. This resulted in fragmentation of the gene of interest.
Question 3. The DNA polymerase needed for PCR is obtained from an organism called _______.
  1.    E.coli 
  2.    Thermus aquaticus 
  3.    Saccharomyces cerevisiae 
  4.    S. aureus  
Answer: Option B
: B

Thermus aquaticus is an archaebacteria that can survive in high temperatures. Due to this, their enzymes are capable of working in unusually high temperature and perfectly suitable for PCR since it employs temperatures as high as 96C. At this high temperature, most enzymes occurring in nature get denatured. Taq polymerase however has heat resistant capabilities.
Question 4. Some of the steps involved in the production of human insulin are given below. Choose the correct sequence    

i.  Obtaining of gene for human insulin using c-DNA technology    

ii.  Culturing recombinant E-coli in bioreactors    

iii.  Purification of human insulin    

iv.  Insertion of human insulin gene into plasmid    

v.  Introduction of recombinant plasmid into E.coli    

vi.  Extraction of recombinant gene product from E-coli
  1.    ii-i-iv-iii-v-vi
  2.    i-iii-v-vi-ii-iv
  3.    i-iv-v-ii-vi-iii
  4.    iii-v-ii-i-vi-iv
Answer: Option C
: C

First the human insulin gene is obtained using c-DNA technology and then inserted into a plasmid. The recmbinant plasmid is introduced to E.coli by transformation.The transformed E.coli is selectively cultured inbioreactors and the Insulin protein in extracted and subsequently purified in what is known as downstream processing.
Question 5. Which of the following organisms is suitable to receive pBR322?
  1.    Fission Yeast
  2.    E. coli
  3.    Penicillium notatum
  4.    S. aureus
Answer: Option B
: B

The ori site of pBR322 has been take from ColE1 plasmid. Due to this, the ori site of pBR322 is compatible with the E.coli system. This also helps the plasmid to maintain a high copy number inside the cell.
Question 6. Assertion: Floatation is an efficient technique to separate cells during downstream processing.

Reason: Bubbling of air through fermentation mix makes the biomass float on the surface along with foam.
  1.    [A] is true and [R] is false.
  2.    [A] is false and [R] is true .
  3.    Both [A] and [R] are true and [R] is a correct explanation to [A].
  4.    Both [A] and [R] are true but [R] is not a correct explanation to [A].
Answer: Option C
: C

Floatation is a technique used for cell separation. In this process air bubbles are pumped through the fermentation mix. This creates foam and along with it cells also come to the surface and float. These floating cells are easy to separate. This process is easy to perform as it does not involve any addition of chemicals.

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