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Question: The duties of a chief minister with regard to the furnishing of information to governor are provided in :
A.Article 166
B.Article 165
C.Article 167
D.Article 168
E.Article 169
Answer: Option C

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Question 1. Part XX of the constitution of India covered by article 368 mentions:
  1.    Temporary, Transitional and Special provisions
  2.    Amendments of the constitution
  3.    Elections
  4.    Official Language
Answer: Option B
Question 2. “The state does not owe loyalty to any particular religion as such; it is not irreligious or anti-religious; it gives equal freedom to all religious.” The definition as given by P. B. Gajendra-Gadkara - former Chief Justice of India is of :
  1.    Sovereignty
  2.    Socialism
  3.    Democracy
  4.    Secularism
Answer: Option D
Question 3. Concurrent list freedom of trade commerce and joint sitting of the two houses of parliament are the provisions mentioned in Indian constitution. They have been borrowed from:
  1.    Australian constitution
  2.    American constitution
  3.    Irish constitution
  4.    Japanese constitution
Answer: Option A
Question 4. Under which article is the right to freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion mentioned?
  1.    Article 24
  2.    Article 25
  3.    Article 26
  4.    Article 27
Answer: Option B
Question 5. In which case did the Supreme Court hold that the preamble is not the part of the constitution?
  1.    The Berubari union case
  2.    Golak Nath case
  3.    Kesavananda Bharati case
  4.    none of the above
Answer: Option A
Question 6. In which schedule to the constitution of India is the division of powers between the union and the states in terms of the union list and the state list laid down?
  1.    Fifth schedule
  2.    Sixth schedule
  3.    Seventh schedule
  4.    Fourth schedule
Answer: Option C

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