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Question: The bulk modulus for an incompressible liquid is
D.between 0 and 1
Answer: Option C
: C

The bulk modulus is
If liquid is incompressible so V=0
Hence, K=pv0

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Question 1. The Young's modulus of a rubber string 8 cm long and density  1.5 kgm3 is 5 ×108Nm2. It is suspended from the ceiling in a room. The increase in length due to its own weight will be
  1.    9.6× 10−5 m
  2.    9.6× 10−11m
  3.    9.6× 10−3m
  4.    9.6 m
Answer: Option B
: B

b):l = L2dg2Y = (8×102)2×1.5×9.82×5×108 = 9.6×1011m
Question 2. The coefficient of linear expansion of brass and steel are

 α1 and α2. If we take a brass rod of length l1 and steel rod of length  l2 at 0C, their difference in length  (l2l1)will remain the same at a temperature if
  1.    α1l2=α2l1
  2.    α1l22=α2l21
  3.    α21l1=α22l2
  4.    α1l1=α2l2
Answer: Option D
: D

d)L2=l2(l+α2θ) and L1=l1(l+α1θ)
Now (L2L1)=(l2l1) so, l2α2l1α1=0
Question 3. When a rod is heated but prevented from expanding, the stress developed is independent of
  1.    material of the rod
  2.    rise in temperature
  3.    length of rod
  4.    none of these
Answer: Option C
: C

If the same rod of lenghth L0 is subjected to stress along its length, then extension in length can be calculated by Hooke's law
Therefore L=L0×stressY
If the rod is prevented from expanding, we have
Therefore stress=Yαθ= (independent of L0)

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