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Question: The average weight of three boys A, B and C is $$54\frac{1}{3}$$ kg, while the average weight of B, D and E is 53 kg. What is the average weight of A, B, C, D and E?
A.52.4 kg
B.53.2 kg
C.53.8 kg
D.Data inadequate
E.None of these
Answer: Option D

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Question 1. While calculating the average of a batsman as 36 in 100 matches that he played, one of the scores 90 was incorrectly noted as 40. The percentage error is-
  1.    0.5%
  2.    1.21%
  3.    1.34%
  4.    1.36%
Answer: Option D
Question 2. The average of 8 numbers is 20. The average of first two numbers is $$15\frac{1}{2}$$ and that of the next three is $$21\frac{1}{3}$$. If the sixth number be less than the seventh and eighth numbers by 4 and 7 respectively, then the eight number is-
  1.    18
  2.    22
  3.    25
  4.    27
Answer: Option C
Question 3. In an examination, a pupil’s average mark was 63 per paper. If he had obtained 20 more marks for his Geography paper and 2 more marks for his History paper, his average per paper would have been 65. How many papers were there in the examination?
  1.    8
  2.    9
  3.    10
  4.    11
Answer: Option D
Question 4. The mean temperature of Monday to Wednesday was 37°C and of and of Tuesday to Thursday was 34°C. If the temperature on Thursday was $$\frac{4}{5}$$ that of Monday, the temperature of Thursday was-
  1.    34°C
  2.    35.5°C
  3.    36°C
  4.    36.5°C
Answer: Option C
Question 5. The average of ten numbers is 7. If each number is multiplied by 12, then the average of the new set of numbers is :
  1.    7
  2.    19
  3.    82
  4.    84
Answer: Option D
Question 6. In a group of 120 people, one-fifth are men, one-fourth are women and the rest children. The average age of women is five-sixth of the average age of men. Average age of children is one-fourth of the average age of men. If average age of men is 60 years, what is the average age of the group?
  1.    32.75 yeras
  2.    38.45 years
  3.    45.25 years
  4.    50.5 years
Answer: Option A

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