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Question: The average thickness of ozone layer in stratosphere is about __________ dobson unit (DU).
Answer: Option B

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Question 1. For existence of aquatic life in water, the dissolved oxygen content in it, should not be less than __________ ppm.
  1.    10000
  2.    5
  3.    500
  4.    1000
Answer: Option B
Question 2. __________ can not control the noise pollution.
  1.    Use of silencers
  2.    Green house gases
  3.    Vibration damping
  4.    Tree plantation
Answer: Option B
Question 3. Green house gases blanket/block the infrared radiation from earth's surface to the atmosphere leading to its progressive warming up. Which of the following gases does not exhibit green house effect?
  1.    CO₂
  2.    H₂
  3.    SO₃
  4.    N₂
Answer: Option C
Question 4. Inhalation of lead compounds present in automobile exhaust (using leaded petrol) causes
  1.    Blood poisoning
  2.    Anaemia
  3.    Nervous system disorder
  4.    All of the above
Answer: Option D
Question 5. Workers working in __________ industry are most prone to white lung cancer.
  1.    Coal mining
  2.    Limestone mining
  3.    Textile
  4.    Asbestos
Answer: Option C
Question 6. What are the methods of treatment & disposal of radioactive wastes?
  1.    Evaporation & chemical precipitation
  2.    Biological methods & adsorption in ion exchange materials
  3.    Fixing into a solid mass with cement and sinking deep in the sea
  4.    All of the above
Answer: Option D

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