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Question 1. Very pure hydrogen is obtained by
  1.    Reaction of coal or CO with steam
  2.    Electrolysis of warm, aqueous solution of Ba(OH)2 between nickel electrodes
  3.    Cracking of naphtha and fuel cell
  4.    Adding zinc granules to all acids
Answer: Option B
: B

Electrolysis of water is the method by which the most pure form of hydrogen can be obtained since the hydrogen gas is collected in an isolated volume.

Question 2. In which of the following reaction hydrogen peroxide is a reducing agent?

  1.    2FeCl2 + 2HCl + H2O2 →2FeCl3 + 2H2O
  2.    Cl2 +H2O2 → 2HCl + O2
  3.    HI +H2O2 → 2H2O + I2
  4.    H2SO3 +H2O2 → H2SO4 +H2O
Answer: Option B
: B

Cl20 + H2O2 2HCl1 + O2 In this reaction H2O2 works as reducing agent

Question 3. Which of the following is not a hard water?
  1.    Water containing CaCl2          
  2.    Water containing dil. HCl
  3.    Water containing MgSO4
  4.    None of these
Answer: Option D
: D

Water containingCa+2 , Mg+2 and H+(>107m) is a hard water. H+(aq)) + CH3COONa(aq) CH3COOH(s) + Na+(aq)

Question 4. Which property is same for both normal hydrogen and deuterium.
  1.    Boiling point
  2.    Freezing point 
  3.    Bond energy
  4.    Bond length
Answer: Option D
: D

The two isotopes have same atomic number therefore inter nuclear distance is same.

Question 5. The correct decreasing order of reactivity among the following is
  1.    Nascent hydrogen > atomic hydrogen > molecular hydrogen
  2.    Molecular hydrogen > Nascent hydrogen > atomic hydrogen
  3.    Atomic hydrogen > molecular hydrogen > nascent hydrogen
  4.    Atomic hydrogen > nascent hydrogen > molecular hydrogen
Answer: Option D
: D

Atomic hydrogen is moreunstable and highly reactive than molecular hydrogen

Question 6. The molarity of pure water at 4C is
  1.    1 M
  2.    2.5 M
  3.    5 M
  4.    55.5 M
Answer: Option D
: D

The density of water is 1gcm1at 4C So, molarity= 100018=55.5M.