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Question: PERT analysis is based on
A.Optimistic time
B.Pessimistic time
C.Most likely time
D.All the above
Answer: Option D

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Question 1. Pick up the correct statement from the following with regards to C.P.M. network analysis of projects
  1.    The latest occurrence time of the node of which the activity arrow terminates minus the duration of the activity, is called latest start time
  2.    The latest occurrence time for the node at which the activity arrow terminates, is called latest finish time
  3.    Earliest occurrence time of the event from which the activity arrow' originates, is called earliest start time of the activity
  4.    All the above
Answer: Option D
Question 2. A CPM family includes
  1.    CPA (Critical Path Analysis)
  2.    CPP (Critical Path Plotted)
  3.    MCE (Minimum Cost Expenditure)
  4.    All the above
Answer: Option D
Question 3. PERT technique of network analysis is mainly useful for
  1.    Small projects
  2.    Large and complex projects
  3.    Research and development projects
  4.    Deterministic activities
Answer: Option C
Question 4. The independent float affects only
  1.    Preceding activities
  2.    Succeeding activities
  3.    The particular activity involved
  4.    None of the above
Answer: Option C
Question 5. The artificial activity which indicates that an activity following it, cannot be started unless the preceding activity is complete, is known as
  1.    Event
  2.    Free float
  3.    Dummy
  4.    Constraint
Answer: Option C
Question 6. The process of incorporating changes and rescheduling or replanning is called
  1.    Resource levelling
  2.    Resource smoothening
  3.    Updating
  4.    Critical path scheduling
Answer: Option C

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