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Question 1. In case of timber structures, the simple bending formula M = fz may be applied for
  1.    rectangular beams up to 300 mm depth
  2.    all rectangular beams
  3.    solid circular beams only
  4.    all square cross-section beams
Answer: Option A

Question 2. As per IS : 875, for the purposes of specifying basic wind velocity, the country has been divided into
  1.    4 zones
  2.    5 zones
  3.    6 zones
  4.    7 zones
Answer: Option C

Question 3. The portal bracing in a truss bridge is used to
  1.    Transfer load from top of end posts to bearings
  2.    Keep the rectangular shape of the bridge cross-section
  3.    Stiffen the structure laterally
  4.    Prevent the sides-way buckling of top chord
Answer: Option A

Question 4. The allowable tensile stress in structural mild steel plates for steel tank is assumed as
  1.    95.0 MPa on net area
  2.    105.5 MPa on net area
  3.    105.5 MPa on gross area
  4.    150.0 MPa on gross area
Answer: Option B

Question 5. Minimum pitch provided in riveted steel tanks is (where d is diameter of rivets)
  1.    1.5 d
  2.    2.0 d
  3.    2.5 d
  4.    3.0 d
Answer: Option D

Question 6. If the loaded length of span in meters of a railway steel bridge carrying a single track is 6 m, then impact factor is taken as
Answer: Option D