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Question: In electronics what comes under tank circuit ?
A.Resistance and capacity
B.Resistance and inductance
C.Capacity and inductance
D.Resistance, capacity and inductance
Answer: Option C

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Question 1. The complete form of 'IC' in electronics is
  1.    Internal circuit
  2.    Independent circuit
  3.    Integrated circuit
  4.    Inbuilt circuit
Answer: Option C
Question 2. For which Diode is used ?
  1.    Modulation
  2.    Oscillation
  3.    Amplification
  4.    Purification
Answer: Option D
Question 3. For which one of the following, ''Diodes" are generally used for?
  1.    Rectification
  2.    Amplification
  3.    Modulation
  4.    Filtration
Answer: Option A
Question 4. The material used in the fabrication of a transistor is
  1.    Aluminium
  2.    Copper
  3.    Silicon
  4.    Silver
Answer: Option C
Question 5. The distance between node and adjacent antinode is 30 cm. The wavelength is
  1.    30 cm.
  2.    90 cm.
  3.    120 cm.
  4.    60 cm.
Answer: Option D
Question 6. Which of the following features of a tunnel diode is its drawback?
  1.    Extremely high frequency response
  2.    Very wide temperature range of operations
  3.    Instability due to negative resistance
  4.    Very low power consumptions
Answer: Option C

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