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Question: In a spring controlled governor, when the controlling force ________ as the radius of rotation increases, it is said to be a stable governor.
A. Remains constant
B. Decreases
C. Increases
D. None of these
Answer: Option C

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Question 1. Sensitiveness of the governor is defined as the ratio of the
  1.     Mean speed to the maximum equilibrium speed
  2.     Mean speed to the minimum equilibrium speed
  3.     Difference of the maximum and minimum equilibrium speeds to the mean speed
  4.     Sum of the maximum and minimum equilibrium speeds to the mean speed
Answer: Option C
Question 2. A typewriter mechanism has 7 numbers of binary joints, six links and none of higher pairs. the mechanism is
  1.     Kinematically sound
  2.     Not sound
  3.     Soundness would depend upon which link is kept fixed
  4.     Data is not sufficient to determine same
Answer: Option A
Question 3. The velocity of sliding of meshing gear teeth is(where ω₁ and ω₂ are angular velocities of meshing gears and ‘y’ is distance between point of contact and the pitch point)
  1.     (ω₁ + ω₂) y
  2.     (ω₁/ω₂) y
  3.     (ω₁ × ω₂) y
  4.     (ω₁ + ω₂)/y
Answer: Option C
Question 4. In a disc clutch, if there are n₁ number of discs on the driving shaft and n₂ number of discs on the driven shaft, then the number of pairs of contact surfaces will be
  1.     n₁ + n₂
  2.     n₁ + n₂ + 1
  3.     n₁ + n₂ - 1
  4.     n₁ + n₂ - 2
Answer: Option C
Question 5. In order to double the period of a simple pendulum, the length of the string should be
  1.     Halved
  2.     Doubled
  3.     Quadrupled
  4.     None of these
Answer: Option C
Question 6. If ω/ωn is very high for a body vibrating under steady state vibrations, the phase angle for all values of damping factors, will tend to approach
  1.     0°
  2.     90°
  3.     180°
  4.     360°
Answer: Option C

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