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If there are no surprise wins (a lower ranked team beating a higher ranked team) in the first round, and only match Nos. 6, 7, 8 of the second round result in upsets, then who would meet Italy in quarter finals, in case Italy reaches quarter finals?
A. Spain
B. Germany
C. Nigeria
D. Czech R

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Answer: Option D
: D

Italy / rank 2's opponent in Round 3 is what we need. Ideal Scenario in round 3 Italy (2) opponent is 7 (as 2+7=9). We could mark Rank 8(Spain) to be Italy's opponent in the quarters but we know Match No.7 in round 2 was an upset so Spain (7) will be replaced by the team which played and beat 7 in round 2. Round 2, Team 7 would ideally play Team 10 (7+10=17 "Round 2 Magic Number”) so Team 10 beats 7 and replaces its position in round 3! Answer is Team 10- Czech R (d)

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