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If CAT 2017 contains 150 questions and each question contains 5 options, find the total number of ways in which a student can answer atleast two out of 150 questions.
A. 5150−601
B. 6150−751
C. 4150−601
D. 6150−601
E. can’t be determined

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Answer: Option B
: B

Option (b) As a student may answer a question or he may not, So let’s verify the total chances that he can take with a question, i.e. He can take 6 chances with a question namely A,B,C,D,E or not answering it. So with every question he can take 6 chances. So total number of chances is 6150. From this, we have to deduct these chances: - Total number of ways of answering zero questions as well as one question exactly, which is 1+(150×5)=751. So answer is 6150751.

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