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Question 1. The component that connects the steering rack to the knuckles is
  1.    Tie rod
  2.    Sector gear
  3.    Pivot
  4.    Spline
Answer: Option A

Question 2. The painting of automobiles is done to
  1.    Prevent rust from growing on the body
  2.    Improve its external appearance
  3.    Retain the characteristics of steel for long
  4.    All of these
Answer: Option D

Question 3. The condition that results in large quantities of CO emission is
  1.    Insufficient air during combustion
  2.    Insufficient fuel during combustion
  3.    Low temperature combustion
  4.    High temperature combustion
Answer: Option A

Question 4. The clutch is located between the transmission and the
  1.    Engine
  2.    Rear axle
  3.    Propeller shaft
  4.    Differential
Answer: Option A

Question 5. The main function of intake manifold is that it
  1.    Promotes the mixture of air and fuel
  2.    Reduces intake noise
  3.    Cools the intake air to a suitable temperature
  4.    Distributes intake air equally to the cylinders
Answer: Option D

Question 6. A basic difference between the spark ignition engine and the Diesel engine is that the
  1.    Diesel engine compresses air alone instead of an air-fuel mixture
  2.    Air temperature ignites the fuel in the Diesel engine
  3.    Fuel is sprayed into the combustion chamber in the Diesel engine as the piston nears T.D.C. on the compression stroke
  4.    All of the above
Answer: Option D