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Question: Explain the technique behind rooftop rainwater harvesting. [5 MARKS]

: Each step: 1 Mark

The technique involved rooftop rainwater harvesting is as follows:
1. Rainwater is collected at the rooftop.
2. It is allowed to flow into pipes.
3. It is filtered through a wire mesh.
4. It is allowed to pour into an underground tank setup to store rainwater. These tanks contain layers of sand, gravel, charcoal that will filter the dirt and other impurities from rainwater.
5. This water seeps back into ground slowly to increase the level of ground water table.

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Question 1. What steps can be taken to conserve groundwater? [3 MARKS]

: 1Mark each

Some steps to conserve groundwater are as follows:
1. All chemicals should be adequately disposed of.
2. The amount of fertilisers used on plants should be limited.
3. The sewage pipes should be free from leakage.

Chemicals, fertilisers and other toxic substances if not properly used can infiltrateto the groundwater and contaminate it.
Question 2. What is groundwater? [1 MARK]

: Groundwater is the water located beneath the earth's surface in soil and in the fractures of rock formations.
Question 3. Name four conventional methods used for the purification of water? [2 MARKS]

: Naming: 0.5 Marks each.
[Mention any 4]
The conventional methods used for the purification of water are as follows:
  1. Boiling
  2. Sedimentation
  3. 3 pole system of filtering
  4. Sieving through muslin cloth
  5. Using Alum
  6. Chlorination
Question 4. Define Evaporation. [1 MARK]

: Evaporation is the process in which a substance in liquid state is converted into gaseous state.
Question 5. What is the source of water for each of the following? [3 MARKS]

(a) Wells

(b) Groundwater

(c) Atmosphere

: Each source: 1 Mark

a)The source of water for wells isgroundwater.
b)The source of water for groundwater is rain.
c)The source of water in theatmosphere is evaporation from water sources on the ground.
Question 6. Name four sources of water. [2 MARKS]

: Each source: 0.5 Marks

Some of the common sources of water are ponds, rivers, wells andhand pumps.

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