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Question: Connecting rod is, usually, made from
A. Low carbon steel
B. High carbon steel
C. Medium carbon steel
D. High speed steel
Answer: Option C
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Question 1. Sulphur in steel
  1.     Acts as deoxidiser
  2.     Reduces the grain size
  3.     Decreases tensile strength and hardness
  4.     Lowers the toughness and transverse ductility
Answer: Option D
Explanation :
Question 2. The tensile strength of wrought iron is maximum
  1.     Along the lines of slag distribution
  2.     Perpendicular to lines of slag distribution
  3.     Uniform in all directions
  4.     None of the above
Answer: Option A
Explanation :
Question 3. Ball bearings are, usually, made from
  1.     Low carbon steel
  2.     High carbon steel
  3.     Medium carbon steel
  4.     Chrome steel
Answer: Option D
Explanation :
Question 4. The purpose of heat treatment is to
  1.     Relieve the stresses set up in the material after hot or cold working
  2.     Modify the structure of the material
  3.     Change grain size
  4.     Any one of these
Answer: Option D
Explanation :

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