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Question: Chandu used very ugly words against his kind uncle; he threw down the gauntlet before him.
A.he abused and insulted him
B.he threw the challenge
C.he behaved as if he was very great and important person
D.he put several conditions for negotiation
E.he showed his readiness to leave the place
Answer: Option B

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Question 1. The story published in the newspaper is not true, but the journalist has painted it in bright colours.
  1.    provided illustrations with it
  2.    exaggerated it
  3.    made it more comic
  4.    added some emotional incident to it
Answer: Option B
Question 2. He has accomplished a Herculean task.
  1.    allotted work
  2.    work requiring great effort
  3.    impossible job
  4.    incomplete work
Answer: Option B
Question 3. Please do not indulge in double dealing.
  1.    dealing improperly
  2.    deception
  3.    two standards
  4.    two jobs
Answer: Option B
Question 4. The number of globetrotters has increased after the Second World War.
  1.    foreign countries
  2.    great persons
  3.    people of importance
  4.    travellers around the world
Answer: Option D
Question 5. I have come to know of your hole and corner method of dealing with people.
  1.    strict
  2.    servile
  3.    secret
  4.    suspicious
Answer: Option C
Question 6. The trade union's seemingly rightful demand is only a stalking horse to blackmail the management.
  1.    trick
  2.    proposal
  3.    pretence
  4.    suggestion
Answer: Option A

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